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Source: TIKKU

Architecture Firm Builds Sustainable Micro-Apartments That Fit Into A Parking Spot


An architecture firm called Casagrande Laboratory is working to find innovative ways to create housing in cities with limited land resources, starting with Helsinki. Fast Company reports that the company has been working to create a unit that will fit into unlikely spaces. Specifically, a parking lot. The firm's founder, Marco Casagrande, told FC that cars have been ruling city design for too long.

“The city is not designed because of humans–it’s designed because of cars,” he explained. “All the streets in cityscapes are based on car dimensions. This I found a little bit strange. We have all this talk about the density of cars getting less and less in cities, and at the same time, we are talking about people moving into cities . . . but we don’t have space to build. Nobody has been questioning car parking spaces. They are everywhere. So this talk about no land to build in cities is nonsense: It’s everywhere, but it’s just for cars.”