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Source: Life of Pix/Pexels

Toronto Serves 5,000 In Zero-Waste Thanksgiving

By Brian Spaen

In Canada, Thanksgiving falls on the second Monday of every October. Technically, the holiday is observed on Monday, but it’s common for families to get together during any time of the weekend. This past weekend, a group in Toronto took a unique approach in what it means to be thankful. Not only did they create meals out of food that otherwise would  have gone to waste, but they managed to feed 5,000 people with it.

During the Expo for Design, Innovation, and Technology (EDIT) festival on Sunday, various chefs were able to feed 5,000 people with absolutely no food waste. Canada itself wastes $31 billion worth of food every year, and a lot of it is due to fresh products not hitting their mark on a grading scale. Misshaped or small products usually get tossed at supermarkets, but these items were saved for the free feast. For perspective, Toronto itself tossed out one billion pounds of food last year.

In terms of actual meals, they were mostly vegetarian. According to a Facebook post by EDIT, they cooked Fall Minestrone, Green Herb Pistou, Potato Focaccia Bread, and an assortment of fully vegan selections, as well.