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Source: The Great Trail

Canada Premieres World's Longest Hiking Trail From Coast To Coast


After twenty-five years, a few missteps and a lot of planning, Canada has officially opened the world's longest recreational trail. Spanning the length of the country (and then some), The Great Trail is a staggering 14,864 miles composed of more than 400 individual trails snaking across all 10 provinces and three territories, with a few looping detours added in for good measure. It links the Pacific and the Atlantic, and over 1000 Canadian communities along the way.

While it's been billed as a cross-country route primarily for cycling, different modes of transportation are encouraged – and often required – along certain stretches. That includes hiking, horseback riding and cross-country skiing, as well as kayaking and canoeing, as 26 percent of the Great Trail travels across water, including the Lake Superior Water Trail and Mackenzie River Trail. And although motorized vehicles are not allowed along the Great Trail, certain sections are open to snowmobiles. Clearly, there's something here for everyone.