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Source: Unsplash/Pexels

Google's Dandelion Offers Geothermal Alternative For Heating And Cooling Homes

By Brian Spaen

Alphabet is a relatively new parent company for Google and its many subsidiaries, such as Google Fiber, Waymo, and X. On July 6th, they added another company, Dandelion, to their portfolio. Dandelion will be adding geothermal energy to homes for heating and cooling purposes, which is very expensive and limited out of the gate.

To begin with, what is geothermal heating and cooling? It’s a system that functions with two separate parts. One is a heat pump that’s inside of the home, which includes two underground pipes that are located in the yard of the property. The pump is able to control both heating and cooling. The pipes can be dug anywhere from 300 to 500 feet into the ground.

For those that need relief from the heat, Dandelion’s website explains that the process is similar to how a refrigerator works. It’ll move heat out of the house and into the Earth to keep things cool. When it needs to be heated, the same pump will move that hot air back into the house from Earth. Allegedly, this is three times more efficient than the traditional method of heating and cooling our homes.