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Source: Pixabay

Australian Coal Mine Museum Will Run On Renewable Energy

By Brian Spaen

An old coal mine in Australia that’s turned into a museum will soon be fueled by renewable energy. The Victoria state government will fund the installations of solar panels and battery storage on the landmark. Not only will it be cheaper to keep the lights on at the museum, but it could be a huge staple in the transition to sustainability in the area. 

The Energy Innovation Co-op received a grant of $241,840 from Victoria’s state government. It’ll be spread over three years to help them implement their “Old Energy-New Energy” project at State Coal Mine Wonhaggi. The mine museum is located at Bass Coast Shire in Southeastern Victoria. The Co-op applied through the state government’s New Energy Jobs Fund that has now backed over 20 renewable projects.

At least 86 kilowatts of solar panels will be installed on the ground with 25 kilowatt-hours of battery storage. According to the Co-op’s press release, this power will be able “to help pump up to 100,000 liters of water a day from the Mine as well as for the Visitor Centre and other community facilities on the site.”