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Source: Paper Saver

How One Notebook Company Is Changing The Game When It Comes To Paper Waste

By Nicole Caldwell

It’s the stuff punch lines are made of: What is it about the world’s greenest notebook that makes it so environmentally friendly? It has no paper in it. Yet that’s exactly the point behind Paper Saver, the first notebook to come with absolutely zero pages inside. The company is selling front and back notebook covers connected with a spine and strap of elastic, for everyone who wants a new way to reduce paper waste before it even hits the recycling bin.

Paper waste is a serious problem that’s not solved by recycling. 

The trouble with recycled products, the thinking goes, is they still take up space, require energy to produce, and still rely on a starting point that extracts something from the planet without giving anything back. In other words, there is still a serious “waste footprint” that comes from recycling.