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Source: ysaline pollet

Lush Is Packaging Their Products In Ocean Pollution To Help Clean Up The Beaches

By Nicole Caldwell

It’s one thing to recycle items that have been sorted into the appropriate bin. It’s another thing to seek out items that should have been recycled, weren’t, and wound up in the ocean instead of a landfill. That’s exactly what handmade cosmetics company Lush is doing, through a partnership with Ocean Legacy Foundation and Urban Resource Group. The plan—already underway—is to collect 27 tons of plastic from the shores of British Columbia’s Vancouver Island in Canada and turn it into the bottles and pots Lush products come in.

Lush has maintained its humble ethos since day one. 

The company began in England in 1995, 18 years after its founders Mark Constantine and Liz Weir met at a beauty salon where they both worked. After going off on their own to produce homemade batches of goodies for The Body Shop and a venture of theirs called Cosmetics to Go, Constantine and Weir started a brand new kind of storefront.