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Source: Pixabay

Abandoned Nuclear Plant Revived As Solar Energy Hub

By Brian Spaen

Back in 1981, construction of a nuclear power plant in Surgoinsville, Tennessee, was halted due to high costs. Three Mile Island was a nuclear station that suffered a meltdown and created more regulations for the new plant to meet. Understandably, it received negative feedback from a worried community that didn’t want the same catastrophic events to occur again. After all these years of abandonment, it now serves an entirely new purpose as an innovative renewable energy resource.

Construction on the new plant began three years before ultimately being cancelled. After nuclear power had a large buzz in the early 1970s, over 100 construction projects were halted. Many of these were due to the disaster at Three Mile Island that impacted hundreds of people. While there were no deaths from the accident, studies show how radiation triggered more cancer in those that lived in the community.

Birdseye Renewable Energy from Charlotte, North Carolina, saw an opportunity with this abandoned area. They are the Southeast’s leader in creating solar projects and have installed a capacity of over 430 megawatts in the region. They worked with United Renewable Energy of Georgia to help construct over 3,000 solar panels in a span of four acres.