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5 Tips For Staying Waste-Free At Work

By Matt Hollis

Now more than ever, people are taking strides to live a green lifestyle. Everywhere you go, you hear about innovative practices and sustainable initiatives set in place to reduce one’s carbon footprint. While this may seem like a daunting task, especially when applied to the workplace, it is incredibly simple when broken down into small steps.

The benefits of a green workplace surpass reducing your environmental impact and span to monetary, productivity and health gain. Check out these easy tips that will help you ease into making your office a more eco-conscious environment:

1. Ditch your plastic cups

According to, in the U.S., more than 60 million plastic water bottles are thrown away everyday. It is estimated that the decomposition of plastic bottles can take up to 1,000 years. Reverse this issue by simply replacing your plastic or paper cups with mugs or reusable water bottles. Keep in mind that plastic bottles are not the only form of plastic waste in the workplace. Be particularly mindful of non-biodegradable containers during lunchtime.

Shopping bags and takeout containers are almost always plastic and styrofoam, materials which are almost never recycled properly, or in styrofoam's case, unable to be recycled. Use personalized thermoses and reusable bags to show off your style and save the environment. The ocean and your wallet will be thanking you for implementing these easy, sustainable alternatives.

2. Meal prep with reusable containers 

Arguably the easiest way to save time, money and waste at work is by packing your lunch in tupperware. Meal planning can come across as taking an overwhelming amount of time out of your week, but smart preparation formulates an across-the-board healthy lifestyle. Just think about how much time you waste contemplating what/where you are going to eat. Organizing your lunch ahead of time eliminates that daily struggle. And, this way there is no temptation of impulse buying.

Most importantly, bringing a lunch to work reduces a sizable portion of waste. Say goodbye to uneaten food scraps ending up in the trash, because you can dictate the portion size that works for you. Complete your efficient eating habits by eliminating packaging waste, too, by placing your meals in a washable container. No more take out cartons or plastic bags going to waste!