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Source: George Becker

Biodegradable Microbeads Could Change The Way Our Cosmetics Impact The Planet

By Nicole Caldwell

Just in time for the United States ban on the production of waterway-contaminating microbeads to take effect in July, scientists have announced that they have figured out how to make biodegradable microbeads.   

The little plastic particles, which have been added to various cosmetics, drugs, exfoliators and cleansers for years, are being gradually phased out in accordance with the “Microbead-Free Waters Act of 2015,” which calls for the banning of all microbeads production and sales by July 2019. So this invention comes just. In. Time.

Microbeads destroy marine life. 

When the microbeads inevitably end up in waterways, they wreak havoc on marine life. Microbeads absorb toxins present in the water, and can take hundreds of years to biodegrade. As marine life gobbles up the little pieces of plastic, they get caught in animal guts and invariably wind up on our dinner plates: little, toxic evidence of our pollution.