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Source: homesweetvan/Instagram

Couple Ditches San Francisco's High Rent In Favor Of Turning Van Into Tiny Home

By Brian Spaen

In the United States, San Francisco is the second-most expensive city to live in. If a couple can’t get well above the six-figure salary, it can be very difficult to maintain reasonable living conditions. There’s a been a push for finding inventive ways to live in small spaces and the creation of tiny homes, and that’s exactly what two people did when they were fed up with high living expenses in the Bay Area’s metropolis.

Richmond, Juliana, and their puppy, Roscoe, traded in their residency to live in a Sprinter Van. It only checks in at 50 square feet, but they made the most out of the space. Perhaps the largest issue the couple faced was storing their outdoor equipment as they loved to camp, hike, climb, surf, and more. They were able to succeed by limiting their clothing options, creating convertible spaces, and finding multiple uses out of the same items.

While it helps that Richmond and Juliana liked to be outdoors, they were able to keep clutter to a minimum inside the van. More advice they provided on their blog was disciplining themselves to stay organized. They would have bins for specific activities, like making coffee or cooking. It also helped to keep space available for items they’d obtain in the future.