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This Self-Driving Convenience Store Could Change The Way We Get Our Groceries

By Brian Spaen

Some grocery stores have added the convenience of delivering goods right to customer’s doors. They’re able to select what they want online, pay for it, and it’ll be at their place in no time. Wheelys, a startup from Sweden, has taken that idea a step further by having an entire store make those deliveries, along with many other benefits that could change how we shop.

The 24-hour mobile store is called Moby, and it already has prototypes out in public. It’s a convenience store that’s open every day and has no employees. Similar to Amazon Go, customers go into the store with a mobile app, they can scan items with their phone or just put items in a smart basket, and walk out the store without needing to checkout.

Most of the items available will be fresh food, cosmetics, and apparel -- things that have a focus on day-to-day use. As the store can completely move on it’s own, it’s not very big, so it will have a limited variety of options. However, those that can wait for a specific item can order it through the app and it will be available to pick up the next day when the store is restocked.