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Source: Pixabay

These Texas Companies Are Moving Towards 100% Renewable Energy

By Brian Spaen

Texas remains the biggest oil producer in the United States, but they’re continuing to make strides in their move to renewable energy. They already sit as one of the best wind producers, and a number of popular branches throughout the state are also transitioning to these sources as they become cheaper. A few power companies continue to expand into the solar energy market as well.

The Lone Star State has a wind generation capacity of just over 21,000 megawatts that spans over 40 wind farms. That number will expand to roughly 27,000 with more projects under construction. Enough energy is generated from wind alone to power over 5.3 million homes, which ranks first in the nation.

A few companies in the area are taking advantage of that wind generation to eliminate some of their carbon footprint. 7-Eleven will setup all 425 stores to run exclusively on wind energy. Senior Vice President Ben Tison says that it will also lower overall costs to run their stores and that it’ll create a better image as people are now “paying attention to what companies are doing” when it comes to sustainability.