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Source: Pixabay

Electric Vehicles May Soon Have 'Instantly Rechargeable' Batteries

By Brian Spaen

The boom of the electric vehicle industry has many excited for all its potential, but there’s a downside that tends to be avoided: range. While it’s certainly improving in new EV models, all of them still require a charge shortly after 100 miles have been reached, and that in itself takes time. Researchers at Purdue University may have found a way to simulate how we fuel these cars at traditional gas stations.

Unlike an old laptop that hogs battery power and needs to be plugged in at every turn, electric vehicles can’t continue to operate when the battery is being recharged. It creates a need for many charging stations to be set up along the road, and it’s a system that can be complicated and time consuming. Special routes need to be set up for any long distance travel so EVs aren’t stuck in areas where there are no charging stations. 

John Cushman, a professor at the Center for Applied Math and the Department of Earth at Purdue, may have found a way to bypass that. He’s cofounded Ifbattery (pronounced “if-battery”), a startup company that is continuing to develop an instantly rechargeable technology “that is safe, affordable, and environmentally friendly for recharging electric and hybrid vehicle batteries.