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Source: andreeainbxl

Flower Subscription Company Focuses On Delivering Ethically Grown Bouquets

By Nicole Caldwell

Everyone loves flowers. Whether they’re bouquets for a wedding or a surprise mail delivery just because, it’s hard to find something unlikable about beautiful blooms of vibrant flowers that smell wonderful.  

But there are two big detractors for the world of cut flowers: their often negative impact on the environment, and the fact that they don’t last very long. Working to solve the first problem are floral shops like Little Bud Flowers positioning themselves to offer online gift and subscriptions services for flowers that are in-season and ethically grown.    

Solving the second problem, there are all kinds of great ways to reuse old cut flowers. Country Living gleaned insights from Little Bud’s founders, Georgina Duffin and Laura Brummer, for four easy things you can do with your old bouquets to make a lasting statement piece at home.