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Source: Civil Maps

Watch How A Driverless Car 'Sees' The Road

By Brian Spaen

Self-driving cars remain one of the most exciting features coming down the pipeline, but many are still skeptical of the technology. That’s because they either don’t understand how the process works or they’re worried about potential failures that could happen with it. Ford and Civil Maps are hoping to build that trust by explaining how it all happens.

Videos are available online from Civil Maps that go into further detail. One shows how self-driving technology has “six degrees of freedom” that gives it the power to learn their surroundings and quickly process that to make decisions: roll, pitch, yaw, x-axis, y-axis, and z-axis. Those are all the ways the vehicle can tilt and directly move.

The video goes through what happens when a car is making a left turn at a busy intersection. It can learn the boundaries of the road just like we can, understanding how many lanes are available and when it can’t go left or right any further. They can also dissect the objects relevant to driving, such as other vehicles, street signs, and pedestrians. All of these can be seen clearer than the rest of the environment and it will trigger actions to the car.