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This Refugee Camp Is Now The First In The World To Run On Solar Energy

By Brian Spaen

Refugee camps in the remote desert of Jordan have continued to build economies as they remain displaced from the ongoing Syrian Civil War. Azraq, the second-largest camp with a population over 35,000, was set up in April 2014. For years they relied solely on portable solar lanterns to light their homes, but thanks to a new solar farm they're the first refugee camp to be powered by renewable energy.  

“Today marks a milestone,” said Kelly T Clements, UNHCR Deputy High Commissioner. “Lighting up the camp is not only a symbolic achievement; it provides a safer environment for all camp residents, opens up livelihoods opportunities, and gives children the chance to study after dark.  Above all, it allows all residents of the camps to lead more dignified lives," he said. 

Originally used back in the early 1990’s during the Gulf War, Azraq stretches out to roughly 9.3 miles with rows of shacks made out of zinc and steel. These structures provide relief from the hot weather that usually encapsulates the area. However, it’s generally not enough as the population relies on energy to cool off.