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Source: Pixabay

California Experiences Success With Electric Cars As Sales Skyrocket

By Brian Spaen

Electric vehicle sales have skyrocketed over the past 15 months. In the state of California alone, sales were up over 91 percent in this year’s first quarter compared to the same stretch in 2016. A variety of cars have given people more options than ever before, and Tesla’s push of creating a more affordable Model 3 could make sales jump even further.

Most of the EV success was thanks to the Chevrolet Bolt, which accounts for over 2,700 sales in California since its release last December. It’s been available for under $40,000 and has the longest range of nearly 240 miles in that price range. Discounts in March have pushed the product to as low as $34,000, and tax incentives could lower the eventual price as low as $25,000. 

Steve Hanley of Clean Technica reported that “13,804 fully electric cars were sold throughout [California] in the first quarter,” which also included the Nissan Leaf among the Bolt and Tesla options. The Leaf  also has a solid range for the price -- the 2016 model has 107 miles of range with a price of around $30,000. By 2025, California hopes that 15 percent of car sales are fully electric, but it’s currently sitting at the 2.7 percent mark.