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Volvo Switches From Diesel To Electric Cars In Vision Of Cleaner Future

By Brian Spaen

Car manufacturers such as Volkswagen and Ford continue to dive into the electric vehicle market. It’s becoming increasing popular for everyone to at least have a plan to create these models in the future, and Volvo is joining the list. Not only are they going to be releasing their first EVs in the next couple of years, but they will also continue to focus on public transportation.

Volvo didn’t make the decision entirely by themselves. The Swedish-based car manufacturer will be facing tougher restrictions in terms of carbon emission standards and nitrogen oxides. As of 2016, average emissions totaled around 118.1 grams of carbon dioxide per kilometer. By 2021, the European Union will enforce a limit of 95 grams of CO2/km. 

Hakan Samuelsson, Volvo’s CEO, remains committed to the upcoming diesel engine cars that are being released. Originally saying that cars operating on diesel would no longer be produced, the company has since backtracked on that statement. He admits that due to an increase in cost, electric alternatives will likely be more affordable.