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Source: Pixabay

These Bicycles Filter Smog Out Of The Air While You Pedal


Smog continues to be a serious health issue in major cities across the world. While not yet finalized, one artist may have discovered a sustainable, accessible way for every person to contribute to reducing the pollution in our air: Bikes that create clean air while you pedal, whether you're on your way to work, school, or just getting some exercise.

Dutch innovator Dan Roosegaarde, who is the founder of Studio Roosegaarde, is the man behind numerous smog free projects. Two years ago, he launched a Kickstarter to fund the Smog Free Tower in cities like Rotterdam and Beijing. In this case, those that supported the construction could get objects like smog-free cubes and rings based on the level of monetary contribution. Both objects are able to capture smog out of 1,000 cubic meters of air.

His latest project is smog-free bikes. While these are still in development, Roosegaarde hopes to create a process of sucking up the smog in the air, filtering it through a system attached to the bike, and releasing clean oxygen. The cyclist would generate this system through their own pedaling.