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Mercedes-Benz Enters Solar Energy Market In US With Home Batteries

By Brian Spaen

The solar industry is being tapped into by Tesla, who’s hoping to provide a convenient solution for alternative energy. No other companies were in the domestic market selling a similar product, but it wasn’t going to last long. Mercedes-Benz, in partnership with Vivint Solar, is looking to enter the United States market of complete solar energy solutions after selling batteries in Europe and South Africa.

Storage batteries from these companies, similar to Tesla’s Powerwall 2, will start to trickle out in the second quarter of this year in the state of California. These are usually purchased with solar panels so it can provide electricity at any time of the day. Solar panels don’t come with either product, which is the same for Tesla’s battery pack. In a press release through Vivint Solar, the only mention of panels was in a quote saying that “battery storage” was “an important addition” to the alternative energy source.

However, Vivint Solar is a great way for the German car manufacturer to get into the American market with its batteries. Currently, the company already installs solar panels in 11 different states. Prices vary widely based on location. Based on where Vivint Solar already services, expect the Mercedes-Benz batteries to be available in Arizona, Texas, New York, and many places down along the East Coast.