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Move Over, Recycled TP: Bamboo Is Here To Save Your Behind One Wipe At A Time


Bamboo is quickly becoming one of the super plants of the future. It grows easily and fast (up to 39 inches a day), making it a great eco-friendly choice for everything from furniture and toothbrushes to flooring and sunglasses. But bamboo has now moved to an entirely new market: your backside. If you’re not ready for reusable toilet wipes but still looking for sustainable alternatives to commercial toilet paper, you might be in the market for a roll of bamboo toilet tissue. 

The product has been around for years, with companies like BimBamBoo, Silk ‘n’ Soft, NatureZway, and others pushing the eco-friendly paper to the masses. But bamboo toilet tissue made fresh waves recently when it started being offered by the makers of the Tushy, an at-home bidet attachment for flush toilets.