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Source: Pixabay

Women In Africa Are Learning To Read Using These Solar Powered MP3 Players

By Brian Spaen

Education is still very lacking throughout Africa. While resources have improved over the years, two-thirds of children across the continent are still unable to pass basic literacy tests. The style of teaching also hasn’t improved for over a hundred years in many schools. It’s a troubling trend for the future of the continent, but one dedicated organization is hoping that they can fight it by teaching through audio files.

Over half of children not attending school in Africa are women. 52 percent that do make it in places like Tanzania, a country in Eastern Africa, get to secondary education. Even less than that are able to complete it. A number of them will grow up and not know much information on their health or taking care of their family.

This prompted the organization, URIDU, to step up. It’s a German-based “organization that empowers rural women in developing and emerging countries,” according to their official website. The non-profit was created by Felicitas and Marcel Heyne, and the idea was spawned after seeing how illiterate mothers didn’t know how to tend to their sick children’s needs.