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Source: Pixabay

SolarGaps Uses Solar-Powered Window Blinds To Generate Electricity

By Brian Spaen

We’re continuing to find unique ways to pick up solar power and convert it into useful energy. Most people are looking at long and flat objects like panels on rooftops and sidewalks that could absorb sunlight effectively. A company has taken that idea and added it to something many of us wouldn’t have imagined -- window blinds.

SolarGaps has developed their self-titled smart blinds and are hoping they will be crowdfunded on Kickstarter. It gives people that aren’t able to install solar panels an option to still fuel their homes with energy from the sun. According to the company’s crowdfunding page, a set of their blinds can shave off “up to 70%” of electric bills.

The process is done with photovoltaic cells that are attached to the blinds, similar to solar panels. All that energy consumed by the product can be used in three different ways. There’s the option to simply consume that energy for all devices at home. Another way is to store excess energy in an external battery to use when it’s most expensive to use it. Finally, people can opt to sell this energy back to electric companies with a two-way meter.