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Source: Pixabay

Scientists Discover New Way To Convert Coffee Waste Into Cleaner Biofuels

By Brian Spaen

One waste product that can be turned into something useful is coffee grounds. After the grounds have been used to make fresh coffee, the oil can be extracted to create biofuel. However, due to the time and determination needed for the process, it wasn’t a viable option for many people. British scientists may be changing that way of thinking, however, after discovering a shortcut for the process.

Coffee ground waste is significant across the world. It’s what fuels many of us in our mornings and over 10 billion pounds of it is produced annually. Much of it is simply thrown away. From the grounds used at home to many coffee shops in the area, most of that waste is dumped in the trash and never thought of again.

All of that waste turns into pollution that can affect our waters. There’s been multiple ways people have found to recycle them. Those grounds can be turned into coffee flour, used to create tea, and it can grow tropical mushrooms. They can also be used to fuel cars.