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Source: Pixabay

World's Largest Vertical Garden Revives Downtown Bogota

By Brian Spaen

Rooftop gardens have been a classic move to keep urban areas fresh with growing plants. It’s important to keep our cities breathing by eliminating the carbon footprint set by humans. A building in Bogota, Colombia, has taken that to the next level by expanding the rooftop garden to the entire building itself.

The Edificio Santalaia building is located in the heart of downtown Bogota. It’s a multi-family residential building that’s easy to pick out among the tall and densely-populated area. The nine-story high structure is engulfed in plant wildlife; only windows, balconies, and the wall space between them can be seen of the original building.

Over 115,000 plants are installed in the massive garden. With over 3,000 square meters, or close to 32,300 square feet, of plant wildlife, that gives enough oxygen to over 3,000 people and replaces the carbon footprint of over 700. Plants include rosemary, asparagus ferns, and more from the local rainforests in Colombia. Perhaps one of the most unique aspects is the natural ability to better insulate the building itself. Temperatures are lower inside, and thus limits the use of air conditioning.