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Source: Pixabay

Offshore Wind Farms Continue To Expand In United States

By Brian Spaen

Offshore wind farms are gaining some traction in the United States. Rhode Island became the first state to be tested with this alternative energy source and it now exclusively powers its roughly 2,000 electric customers on Block Island. The number of turbines in the Northeast will only grow from here.

The first offshore wind farm designated for the US started up last October. After weeks of testing, they officially started pumping electricity to the mainland of Rhode Island. Steph Machado of WPRI reports that as of Monday, Block Island moved their source of energy to the wind turbines from diesel fuel, and the cut will save roughly one million gallons of that fuel per year.

"About one-sixth of the power generated by the turbines is powering Block Island, according to Wright, and the rest goes to the mainland. It powers the equivalent of 17,000 homes, but still represents only 1.5% of the total power usage in Rhode Island."