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Source: Toast Ale

This Brewery Is Turning Recycled Bread Into Beer To Tackle Food Waste

By Brian Spaen

Food waste is one of the biggest causes of climate change. It may not seem that way when compared to gases pouring out of factories and tons of trash that could be recycled, but reducing food waste would be a major improvement in reducing greenhouse gases. Some people are attempting to find alternative ways to preserve all that food waste we create per day.

European breweries have done just that with Toast Ale. This beer is essentially made out of leftover fresh bread created from bakeries. Since fresh bread can go bad quickly, any additional product that goes unwanted is simply thrown out. Toast Ale is hoping to nix that by bringing the excess bread to numerous breweries in the UK.

The idea was created by Tristram Stuart, an author and environmental activist. He tried Babylone Beer, which was also made from bread, and combined that idea with knowing that loads of bread is wasted in bakeries and restaurants.