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Source: Pixabay

Berries Could Be The Answer To India's Energy Shortage

By Brian Spaen

Fruit has the potential to not only bring solar energy costs down, but it could also provide India a solution for its power struggles. A team of researchers in India discovered that a berry known as the “Syzygium cumini,” or jambul, can absorb sunlight with the anthocyanin pigment found inside. Its ability to be extracted and produced in mass quantities could provide a sustainable solution to energy in the suffering country.

Research was done at the Indian Institute of Technology in the city of Roorkee, which is located in North India. It is important to note that India suffers from energy shortage. With the country growing rapidly, there simply is not enough coal to fuel the industry and the cost to import is very high. According to a report from the Economic Times, there are roughly 400 million people that live in India without access to electricity. One of the major problems is not having the equipment required for the demand.

"This has been a significant reason for India missing its capacity addition targets. While the shortage has been primarily in the core components of Boilers, Turbines and Generators, there has been lack of adequate supply of Balance of Plant (BOP) equipment as well. There is a shortage of construction equipment also."