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Source: Inverse/Youtube

Elon Musk Discusses His Feelings About Flying Cars At Latest TED Talk

By Brian Spaen

There was no shortage of interesting tidbits and entertainment at a TED talk in Vancouver last Friday featuring Elon Musk. The entrepreneur spanned multiple subjects in the 40-minute discussion, covering The Boring Company, autonomous cars that can make a cross-country journey, solar-powered roof tiles becoming a standard, and his skepticism on flying vehicles.

The Boring Company was explained in detail, which is a plan of having a network of tunnels below heavy traffic for an easier commute. This tunneling process is very simple. Cars would be able to drive onto a platform, and that would lower down into one of the tunnels below. Drivers will then be able to continue their trek and the platform would rise up for the next vehicle. 

Musk suggests that there wouldn’t be any limit to the amount of tunnels that are underneath the roads. While he was able to develop the idea in his mind while stuck in Los Angeles traffic, he believes that varying lengths can be achieved, such as those who would like to travel from Washington, D.C. straight to New York.