Books About Astrology to Better Understand the Planets, Yourself, and Others

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Sep. 19 2022, Published 4:23 p.m. ET

Astrology Books
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Move over, Co–Star — we're doing a deep dive into the world of zodiacs the old-fashioned way. Whether you're looking for a new light read, or if you're simply looking to learn more about the signs, these books about astrology will teach you everything you've ever wanted to know about yourself, and others.

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Pick up a new book to learn more about how the science of astrology works, or do it to simply learn a little more about yourself. Either way, reading about astrology — and your sign — is a fun way to wind down, and get a little introspective.

'Who Do The Stars Say You Are' by Syd Robinson

Who Do The Stars Say You Are teaches readers everything they have ever wanted to know about themselves — including what type of vacation home you would be, what type of snack you are at heart, and more. According to a press release sent to Green Matters, it mixes light-hearted jokes with inspiring guidance, giving you a little insight about, well, you.

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The book, written by BuzzFeed reporter Syd Robinson, delves into your fortunes, your favorite song, your habits... explaining why you do everything you do, and why you are the way you are. It provides readers with a little personalized comfort, whether you're posting up in a coffee shop or spending a day at the park.

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'Luminary' by Kate Scelsa

Kate Scelsa's newest non-fiction book, Luminary, provides teenage readers with a method of self-care that uses tarot, astrology, and manifestation. It melds together mystical practices and magical exercises, teaching mindfulness and magic in perfect harmony. And seriously, what could be more fun than that?

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According to a press release sent to Green Matters, Luminary aims to help its young audience deal with stress, depression, and other mental health challenges. It helps those interested in changing their energy and learning more about themselves, using the powers of curiosity and confidence.

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'The Missing Element' by Debra Silverman

Debra Silverman is an astrologer to a wide range of celebrities, including Shailene Woodley, Aaron Rodgers, Sting, and Madonna. And she weaves climate activism into her book, The Missing Element, which explains four personality types, which are defined by the Earth’s elements: water, air, earth, and fire. She even offers tips for Earth-saving actions we should take based on our personality types.

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“As an astrologer, the long view is that we’ve been through this before,” Debra said in a press release sent to Green Matters. “The dinosaurs didn’t know what was happening; the Egyptians didn’t know it was the end of an era. We do. So how do we manage through the end of an era? You learn the strengths inside your system.”

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'Star Power: A Simple Guide to Astrology for the Modern Mystic' by Vanessa Montgomery

Teaching modern mysticism, Star Power: A Simple Guide to Astrology for the Modern Mystic breaks down the science of reading astrological charts and tracking the movement of the planets. In simple, easy-to-read chapters, it breaks down each of the houses and aspects, enabling readers to track planetary shifts and explain what it means for life on earth.

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The book also helps readers determine what types of people they are compatible with, and how the universe impacts romance, wealth, prosperity, and the readers' ability to take on life.

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'The New Astrology for Lovers: Compatibilities in Chinese and Western Astrologies' by Suzanne White

The New Astrology for Lovers delves into the compatibilities between all 24 astrological signs — both Western and Chinese. The author gives each compatibility score to each match — four hearts = Bed of Roses; three Hearts = Bed & Breakfast; two hearts = Breakfast in Bed; one heart = pillow fights; and zero hearts = Bed of Nails.

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The book delves into why certain relationships might work and why others might not. It will help you decide how you should approach different people, and how to handle certain situations, based on how the planets align.

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