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Source: Pexels

Biogas Harnessed From Food Waste Can Power Homes

By Tessa Love

There are many companies and individuals attempting to solve the world's massive food waste problem. One organization is attempting to clarify food labels to curb waste; affordable smart fridges keeps track of expirations dates; and some companies are even turning food waste into other products, including Misadventure Vodka, which uses discarded starches to distill its liquors. 

All of these initiatives are attempting to solve a big problem. In the U.S., it's estimated that we throw away 133 billion pounds of food every year. In the world, nearly one third of the total food produced ends up in the trash. Now, one company is trying to harness that waste and turn it into renewable energy.

SEaB Energy is working to develop a closed-loop system that turns a neighborhood or business into its own power plant, eliminating a large amount of what would otherwise be thrown away and using the decomposition process to produce biogas that is converted into electricity.