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Source: Pinterest / BAM!

This Solar-Powered Home In Argentina Includes Gardens On Every Level

By Brian Spaen

Many of us have gardens in our own backyards. After all, gardening is a refreshing hobby that gets us outside and those with green thumbs are able to grow their own vegetables. One house in Buenos Aires, Argentina, has taken it a step further. Not only do they have a luscious garden in the backyard, but they’ve added gardens and vegetation to every level of the house.

The CASA MeMo, created by BAM! Arquitectura, certainly has the tiny home idea in mind, despite having multiple levels. Living, kitchen, and dining areas all wrap around gardens that are placed in the front and back of the house. There’s also a huge window and a door in the center that provides access to another garden that slants on stairs and continues to spiral upward. A large, lengthy bedroom occupies the top floor and is the only place where windows can be closed with shutters.