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Zero-Waste Skincare: 5 Low-Impact Face Masks You Can Make at Home


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Living a zero-waste lifestyle does not mean sacrificing the things you love, especially skincare. It just means finding low-impact, creative ways to make the things you love. By eliminating prepackaged skincare products that come wrapped in single-use plastic, you’re significantly cutting down your carbon footprint. But that doesn’t mean fully eliminating skincare from your routine. In fact, you’ll be surprised to know that there is actually a lot you can do for your skin with some simple ingredients from your pantry.

And while you may not have all of these ingredients on hand, it’s totally worth splurging for a container of clay or agar agar on Amazon. Think about it: one plastic container of agar agar can be used for how many face masks? Maybe 100? Compare that with a 5-fluid ounce tube of clay mask and there’s no question: It’s a better use of your carbon footprint to opt for the bigger container that’s worth a hundred uses.