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Source: Facebook/Fulfilled: Plastic Free Shop

Millennial Entrepreneur Opens Popular Plastic-Free Shop In The UK

By Kristin Hunt

The plastic-free shop Fulfilled is still brand new, but it’s already doing big business. The UK store has attracted over 1,000 customers since its opening three weeks ago, and it’s all thanks to 26-year-old owner Abbie Sellers.

Sellers was inspired to quit her job at the wildlife charity RSPB and open Fulfilled after going on her own plastic-free journey last year. Initially, she struggled to avoid single-use plastics as she shopped for groceries or makeup. Even after learning to buy in bulk and shop in store to avoid plastic in delivery packaging, Sellers thought she could provide a valuable service to people like her, who were trying to reduce their daily plastic consumption.

“I wanted to make an actual, literal impact myself,” she told Huffington Post UK. “I wanted to make more of a difference, and locally.”