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Source: Facebook/Florida Keys Community Land Trust

Tiny Homes Are Helping The Florida Keys Recover After Hurricane Irma

By Kristin Hunt

Hurricane Irma completely knocked out 1,800 homes in the Florida Keys — and damaged another 3,000 — when it hit the Atlantic last September. Many residents still haven’t found a new place to live since the storm left, but a local nonprofit thinks it’s found a solution in tiny homes.

The Florida Keys Community Land Trust is currently building a cluster of 760-square-foot cottages designed to withstand 200 mph wind loads and elevated to meet FEMA height standards. The energy efficient cottages will also function as affordable workforce housing, with the rent capped to about one-third of the household’s income, NPR reports.

The Florida Keys Community Land Trust, which formed last year in the hurricane aftermath, is hoping to provide relief to low-income families who found themselves priced out of the area post-Irma.