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Source: Facebook/Sodexo

Sodexo Announces Plans To Eliminate Plastic Bags And Stirrers By 2019

By Kristin Hunt

Sodexo is joining brands like Red Lobster and Disney in the crusade against single-use plastics. In a Green Matters exclusive, the food services company shared its multi-tiered plan to purge plastic bags and stirrers by 2019 — and polystyrene foam containers by 2025.

The first wave of items up for review are disposable plastic bags, stirrers, and straws. By the end of 2019, Sodexo plans to eliminate the bags and stirrers entirely, and implement a request-only policy on plastic straws for customers who need them. 

Polystyrene foam cups, lids, and containers will be the go next in 2025, though Sodexo will aim to make reductions prior to that deadline. In addition to axing these items, Sodexo will look for other opportunities to reduce single-use plastics across the company, which provides meals to colleges, hospitals, sporting arenas, and other venues across the globe.