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Source: pexels

Lab-Grown Meat Could Reduce Greenhouse Gas Emissions By 96%

By Marissa Higgins

No matter what your dietary preference, pretty much everyone is in agreement that the rate at which we use livestock and cattle is hurting the environment. Not only does livestock require a great deal of land, but the maintenance of grooming animals for consumption also drains environmental resources. And a new report from the Adam Smith Institute suggests that a switch to lab-grown meat would not only drastically free up land, but also cut greenhouse gas emissions by up to 96 percent.

The report, which is aptly titled Don't Have A Cow, does come with caveats. First of all, it is specific to the United Kingdom. So while assumptions may work for the United States, it does not specifically take our data into account. 

This research found that up to 85 percent of the United Kingdom's "land footprint" comes from producing animal products. The report goes on to make a big-and if true, exciting-allegation. If we switch to lab-grown meat, our greenhouse gas emissions could drop 78 to 96 percent. The report also suggests that this would require using a lot less land; an entire 99 percent less, in fact.