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Source: Pexels

FoodLogiQ Helps Track 'Farm To Fork' Food In The Supply Chain

By Desirée Kaplan

Many consumers are becoming more selective about what food they eat, and it’s not because they’re picky about taste. Serious concerns have surfaced about food transparency, and people are starting to ask questions. Documentaries like Rotten urge consumers to think twice about where their food is coming from and what is really in it. The problem is those answers are not always readily available. 

In addition to environmental concerns, such as long-distance food transportation, people are also more than a little worried about recent food recalls and safety. It’s an issue businesses have to seriously consider, as well. Studies estimate that apart from causing damage to the brand’s image, the average food recall can hit a company with $10 million in direct costs. Essentially, this is a problem no one wants.