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Source: coloboque

9 Easy Ways To Grow Microgreens In Any Setting

By Nicole Caldwell

Microgreens are like magical unicorns of the food world. They go from seed to table in less than two weeks, require minimal effort to grow, are nutrient-dense, and make beautiful additions to any dish. Gardenista recently spoke with Conor Fitzpatrick, owner of Minifarm Box, a Los Angeles-based company selling a starter grow kit called the Microgreens Crate. Fitzpatrick offered nine easy tips for growing your own edible microgreens right on a sunny windowsill, no matter where you live.

1. Let the sun shine in. 

If it’s summertime or you live in a warm climate year-round, go ahead and put your microgreens outside if you have the space. For everyone else, a sunny, south-facing window will do.

Don’t have nice natural light at home? Invest in a $40 grow light that can be screwed into any desk lamp socket. Voila: instant sun. Fitzpatrick tells Gardenista the consistent light “gives you more robust crops, with better flavor, color, and longer shelf life.”