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Source: benmenting

Maggots May Offer Missing Link Between Food And Waste

By Nicole Caldwell

Maggots may be a game-changer when it comes to putting restaurant waste to good use while also reducing the demand on ocean fishing. One company in West Australia has found an interesting use for fly pupae in the restaurant industry that has nothing to do with health department complaints. Before you start cringing, check this out: Future Green Solutions is using maggots to break down food waste from restaurants, and in turn using the larvae as food for fish being raised in aquaponics arrays.

Substituting ocean-caught fish with maggot meal offers an enticing, sustainable option for the growing aquaculture industry. Luke Wheat, director at Future Green Solutions, was reading about black soldier flies when it occurred to him that these bugs, introduced into Australia in the 1960s, might be the missing link between restaurant waste and healthy, farm-to-table fish. Black soldier flies are many times more efficient at turning food scraps into dirt than red wrigglers, which are currently the most popular compost worm.