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Source: Kaboompics // Karolina

Here's What You Need To Know About The Farm-To-Table Movement

By Nicole Caldwell

The farm-to-table movement has grown wild.

Go back a century, and the phrase, along with “organic,” didn’t exist. Organic food was just food; farm-to-table was just the process of bringing food in from outside. Now, many of us are yearning to go back to our basics. But what does the "farm-to-table" label really mean?

Farm-to-table restaurants emphasize a close-knit, symbiotic relationship between farmers and chefs centered around seasonal, local food. Consumers have demonstrated a willingness en masse to pay more for food from a known location, where the animals run free and the produce is organic. Indeed, the farm-to-table catchphrase has exploded in the last half-decade.

It feels like everyone is doing it now, but not everyone is doing it well, and the overuse of phrases like “farm-fresh,” “wild-caught,” and “farm-raised” make it awfully difficult to even know what the buzzwords mean anymore—or if they mean anything at all. The high volume of farm-to-table restaurants popping up has left the lifestyle trend open to fraud, in part because of the haste by restaurants to hop on the bandwagon.

Let’s end the confusion. Here are the realities of actual farm-to-table food.