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Source: Flickr

Homeless Camps In Berkeley Are Now Powered With Solar Generation

By Brian Spaen

Solar energy has made it possible for those in developing countries to turn on lights and power devices at their convenience. They no longer have to rely on the limited resources they have, and it’s also reaped the same benefits for homeless people. Camps in Berkeley, California, have installed donated solar panels to provide easy access to power for those in need.

Back on November 4th, Bay Area Rapid Transit evicted numerous homeless people from their camp along Adeline Street. It’s another eviction in a long string of them between the city of Berkeley and the “First They Came for the Homeless” group. Most of them transferred over to Old City Hall while a smaller group established just north of the old one. A third camp is now located at the edge of Aquatic Park.

With aid from Sam Clune, a former mortgage broker, these homeless camps were hooked up with solar panels. Clune lost his recreational vehicle in late 2016 when the registration and smog test certifications were expired. He lost all of his belongings in the vehicle when it was towed away by police, and he’s been located at Aquatic Park since.