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Source: Kaboompics/Karolina/Pexels

This App Makes Borrowing Between Neighbors Easy To Reduce Waste


Have you ever bought something, then wondered to yourself how much use you’d really get out of it in the long run? For most of us, we buy that barbecue, ladder, or dolly with good intentions, but it’s not long until it starts to collect dust. Eventually, whether because it takes up too much space or you have to leave it behind while moving to a new home, the item might find its way to the trash and become one more thing in the landfill. That seemed to be the only option for a long time, but one company has solved this inefficient and financially wasteful issue. 

Peerby was built as a website and app to help people borrow and share things with their neighbors without having to deal with any awkward or unsafe situations. The way it works is you put your request out there to the community and Peerby then asks the people closest to you if they might have what you need. Within about 30 minutes, you should know if you can skip your Walmart run to splurge on a new camping tent and just borrow one from the avid camper you didn't know lived next door. The app is completely free to use so you can now keep your money, find a tent, and make a new friend. Pretty good deal, huh?