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This Unique Canopy Brings Solar Power To Brooklyn's Rooftops

By Brian Spaen

City rules may have spawned a unique invention when it comes to using solar panels. Due to the New York City fire code, residential buildings cannot have a blockade directly on the roof. This rule applies to solar panels installed directly onto the slope of the covering. By working around the rule, Brooklyn SolarWorks has stumbled upon a unique invention.

The product is called the Solar Canopy. Since panels cannot be placed on the roof, the company decided to elevate them while giving room for any firefighters to dig into a building during an emergency. With a strong, sturdy structure, weather elements such as wind, snow, or rain would not affect the product. The solar panels are also high enough and attached together to create a protective space on the roof for owners to enjoy. Flat surfaces also benefit with the elevated panels as they can be dipped to an angle to get more sunlight.

Structures are able to hold up to 18 solar panels to create the full canopy. All the energy that is taken from the sun is then pushed back into the grid that powers the city. The amount is tallied and a credit is given on the customer’s electrical bills. Similar products, like the SolarGaps, have multiple ways to use the energy, but that does not look like it will be an option with the solar canopy.