'Mitte' Allows You To Ditch Bottled Water With Easy Home Purification

Bottled water and standard home purification systems are becoming a thing of the past with a new device that’s been successfully crowdfunded. What is it? Mitte is a new smart home water device that not only purifies your water, but actually adds in healthy minerals. Even better, there are plenty of customizable options, so Mitte can fit anyone’s needs.

Mitte has been in development for two years with a goal in mind to create a process to purify water while still retaining its minerals like calcium and magnesium. Many traditional purification systems remove healthy minerals along with the contaminants. The result was creating mineral cartridges that added these important ingredients back into the water.

At the moment, there are three mineral cartridges that will launch with the product: Balance, Vitality, and Alkaline. Each of them alter the number of minerals along with changing the pH level of the water. Balance adds calcium, magnesium, and potassium, and is geared toward general use for food and drinking.


The other two options, Vitality and Alkaline, feature mineral enhancements. Vitality is a perfect option for those needing a boost in their physical and mental performance. Alkaline takes a step further with antioxidants and a high pH level to cut acidity in the body. Cartridges can be swapped easily and will last up to six months after first use.

Mitte hopes to cut into the plastic bottle industry with their mineral cartridge options, and they’ve kept the environment in mind. They’ll be using bioplastics to create their cartridges and they’ll offer a recycling system where used cartridges can be sent back. For convenience, they’ll have a subscription system where a new cartridge is automatically sent when the installed one is nearing expiration.

According to the company, every liter of water that the device creates results in significantly less plastic use, carbon footprint, and water wasted when compared to bottled water. Mitte would use 0.73 grams of plastic, give off 2.2 kilograms of carbon dioxide emission, and waste 100 milliliters of water. Plastic bottles use 21 grams of plastic, emit 63 kilograms of CO2, and wastes around 2,000 milliliters.

Two different options are available to set up the Mitte. Water can be poured into a tank or the device can be connected to a main water line. A mobile app adds customizable features, such as setting temperatures and operating the device from long range. It also offers live information on water quality, how much is left in the mineral cartridge, and you can order additional cartridges.

Mitte with a starting cartridge of your choice will retail for approximately $500 US, but there are still cheaper options available on their Kickstarter page for a limited time. Warranties last for two years and it is built to withstand hard water. Cleaning maintenance is needed once a month to keep it in pristine condition. 

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