This All-Avocado Restaurant In Brooklyn Is A Haven For Foodies
3 months ago

Avocados have become the United States’ favorite fruit with consumption growing over the last 15 years. It’s led to the opening of a new all-avocado restaurant called Avocaderia in Brooklyn, New York. All of their options, from breakfast to smoothies, have an abundance of the trendy fruit.

Even with a shortage of avocados in 2017 and prices rising by 125 percent, people were still in demand for the fruit. California saw a 44 percent decrease in their harvest due to inclement weather, which means that more of them were imported from Mexico. According to the Agriculture Marketing Resource Center, Americans eat over seven pounds of avocados per year.

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That’s why there was no hesitation to open up “the world’s first avocado bar” in New York last year despite shortages. Avocaderia offers avocado toasts, salads, bowls, and smoothies for breakfast and lunch daily. The restaurant even sells the “avoburger,” slapping smoked salmon, herb yogurt, watermelon radish, and arugula all between a whole avocado.

Avocaderia was created by Francesco Brachetti when he moved from Italy to Mexico and took note of how much of the fruit was being consumed in North America. His brother, Filippo, told Insider that he doesn’t believe American consumption is just another fad or gimmick. He says in Mexico, “people have been eating avocado almost every day for decades.”

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There’s a lot of benefits to consuming avocadoes regularly. Naturally good fats in each 50 gram serving are good for the development of our nervous system and brain. Each serving also includes 250 milligrams of potassium, 11 percent of our daily value of fiber, and there’s only 80 calories and zero grams of sugar. Avocados are also gluten-free and vegan friendly, which are all trending for millenials looking for a healthy lifestyle.

Up to 250 avocados are used per day at the restaurant, which is open from 9:00 AM to 4:00 PM on weekdays and 11:00 AM to 5:00 PM on Saturday and Sunday. It’s a bit tricky to time things correctly, as the fruit ripens between three to five days, and they don’t maintain their freshness for long when being prepared, so they must be served quickly.

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However, the restaurant enjoys how much the fruit can be manipulated and it’s put the product into a wide variety of dishes. While the avoburger has been a hit, the next best seller is the “let it beet” toast that includes beet hummus, watermelon radish, and sliced avocado.

Avocaderia has opened up in Brooklyn’s Sunset Park neighborhood, located at a food hall in Industry City. They’ve seen a surge of popularity since opening in April last year and they hope to expand to Manhattan in the future. Should there be a better harvest in the coming years and the trend continues to grow, expect other local establishments to open up their own version across the country.

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