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These Healthy Soups Come In Eco-Friendly Edible Containers

It can be difficult to make healthy options on the go, and if you're worried about creating unnecessary trash, take out becomes even more unfeasible. So much packaging, so much awkward maneuvering as you walk down the street. But one soup eatery in Kiev is experimenting with a tasty, on-the-go meal that minimizes waste while maximizing flavor. Ozy reports that founder Kyrylo Puzenko has developed a cone shaped break holder for eating soup while traveling, something only the very brave (and coordinated) have ever tried before.

Soupculture was launched at a Ukrainian food festival in 2014, and now has franchises in Poland and Slovakia, and will soon expand to Czechia and Belarus. Soups vary from location to location, but the franchise tries to offer soups popular to regional cultures, such as carrot-orange soup in Poland, and a plan to put Belarus’ national cold soup hlodnik on the menu. Puzenko also told Ozy that Soupculture sources their produce from local suppliers, which can also affect the soup's various flavors, even if they're the same recipes.

But there's one thing that all these soups have in common: It really looks like you're eating soup ice cream.

Наїлися в з @breslavskaoksana ~ #food#kyiv#soupculture

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Урааа, дождались! В СупКультуре открыт сезон тыквы!✨🎉😄 Нежный и безумно полезный тыквенный крем суп уже ждет тебя!💕😏 Все наверняка итак знают какое огромное количество витаминов и минеральных веществ содержится в тыкве, а в сочетании с имбирем, яблоками, морковью, лучком и сливками - просто кладезь полезностей! 😋 Приходи, мы ждем тебя, чтобы накормить как следует 😁 #soupculture.dp #soupculture #pumpkin #pumpkinsoup #vitamins #мамаяпоел #полезныйстритфуд #теплыйсуп #всегдастобой

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Puzenko believes that the bread cone the soup is served in is extremely important to Soupculture's brand and message because it “show that there are unexpected ways to make less waste.” While you can get a spoon if you so choose, the eatery encourages patrons to skip it and sip from their overflowing cup. It took many tries to get the right consistency so that soup eaten in a timely manner wouldn't soak through and which could also be easily replicated.

At first, many bread bowls were lost to sticky pans and crumbling hands. But now the bread bowl will last until you start to chomp away on it. The whole treat costs about $2, which is a steal, and much less than actual ice cream. This is a meal that does your body and your wallet a favor.

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