This Abandoned Desert Golf Course Will Soon Be A Sustainable Community

An abandoned golf course in California's popular Palm Springs area is about to become a true desert oasis: the “eco-modern agrihood," Miralon.

Built on 300 acres of land, Miralon will be a green residential community with 1,150 solar-powered homes and nearly 100 acres of open recreational space. The open space will include community gardens, walking trails, pools, a fitness center, and more for a healthy eco-lifestyle. 


The project was spurred by Freehold Communities, who bought the property and will be collaborating with Robert Hidey Architects along with C2 Collaborative Landscape Architecture. The property will open in early 2018.

“Evolving the existing golf course into habitat-sensitive, agricultural open space is a response to the precious resources of the Coachella Valley including its need for water,” Freehold California Division President Brad Shuckhart told Inhabitat. “At the same time, Miralon responds to peoples’ desire for authentic experiences – whether through community gardening or immersion in a rich range of social spaces.”


While the sleek, modern and self-sustaining homes are reason enough to draw residents, the heart of the community is the huge amount of outdoor space included in the master plan. Former golf cart paths will become hiking trails; tee boxes and greens will be converted into community gardens and dog parks; and the ground will be complete with community social areas with firepits and WiFi.

The cherry on top of the plan will be the surrounding working olive groves, which will add some green to the desert as well as agriculture. The groves will grow on 70 acres and will be watered with state-of-the-art drip-irrigation systems. The olives will be cultivated by Temecula Olive Oil Company, which will also press the olives on-site. The olive oil will be available to residents, along with produce from the community gardens.

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