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Source: Pexels

Airbnb Launches New 'Healthy Tourism' Office To Promote Green Travel

By Aimee Lutkin

Airbnb has announced the launch of their Office of Healthy Tourism. The office is part of an initiative that promotes "local, authentic and sustainable" tourism in host countries, in an effort to promote a healthy relationship between Airbnb's service and the communities they're being offered in.

“With travel and tourism growing faster than most of the rest of economy, it is critical that as many people as possible are benefiting – and right now not all tourism is created equal. To democratize the benefits of travel, Airbnb offers a healthy alternative to the mass travel that has plagued cities for decades,” says Airbnb’s Global Head of Policy and Communications, Chris Lehane. 

“Airbnb supports tourism that is local, authentic, diverse, inclusive and sustainable. Through the meaningful income earned by the mosaic that is our global community of hosts; our ability to promote tourism to places that need it the most; and the inherent sustainable benefits of hosting, Airbnb is providing the type of travel that is best for destinations, residents, and travelers alike.”